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    What we want to create

    • New Mindfulness Daily Lessons
    • New Programs about anxiety, pain management, and being mindful at work
    • Video Series with mindfulness experts and the Mindfulness Daily community
    • New Features like a self-guided meditation timer, better lifelogging, and syncing across devices


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    We're crowdfunding to build the next chapter of Mindfulness Daily and we'd love you to support our new content & features with a subscription. If you want to support our campaign further, check out the perks below!




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  • What You Will Be Supporting

    Inward Tour & Community

    Exclusive access to content creation and the Inward community of users and experts.

    As we ramp up making new content, we'll be increasing the involvement of community members. We'll keep you updated with wisdom from our world experts and show you how people practice their proven interventions. Traveling from Esalen to Kathmandu, our Inward Tour will interview leading experts on mindfulness. As a community member, you will be given exclusive access to content as it is being created and give real-time feedback about how it helps you.

    Read more about our Inward Tour here

    New Features

    We’ll be upgrading the Lifelogging, Meditation Timer, and Syncing features (mid-2016).

    We’re building great new features from a self-guided meditation timer to better lifelogging for your out-of-app activities, from yoga to meditation to journaling. As stretch goals, we’ll include syncing your profile across devices and supporting multiple languages.

    Programs & Beta Access

    5 x 21 Days = 105 new days of content! (now through 2016)

    We'll be launching at least 5 new 21-Day subscription-only programs for Mindfulness Daily in the next 12 months. That's over 100 new days of content and 20 program-related new practices! The new programs include Mindfulness Daily Level II, Stress Reduction, and Mindfulness at Work, with many more to come!


    Your subscription to Mindfulness Daily will also give you early access to and subscription content for our forthcoming Therapy Daily and Coaching Daily apps. Together these apps support working mindfully on the past, present and future.

    If you want to see more about our content plans, check out our content roadmap on our blog.

  • Calling all inward experts and users with stories of positive daily impact!

    Kindly reach out to us to be a part of the Inward Tour.


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